New Benella rainbow trout help save the environment

Benella Rainbow trout is fish raised by Finnish farmers and fed with Raisioaqua's unique feed innovation. Global wild fish stocks are protected with the help of the feeding concept behind Benella. Benella is healthy and it has been granted the Finnish Heart Association's Heart Symbol. Finnish rainbow trout can also be found on the green list of recommended fish choices in WWF's Seafood Guide. The novelty is available throughout Finland at Stockmann Herkku stores.

Global fish stocks have halved in forty years. Benella Rainbow trout feeding is based on Raisioaqua's innovation. The feeding concept has two stages. First, fish are fed with feeds containing more rapeseed oil. This saves diminishing fish stocks in the oceans as rapeseed oil replaces fish oil commonly used in feeds. At the final growth stage, during the period of last 500 additional growth grams, the feed is replaced by a feed containing more fish oil. This way omega-3 fatty acids in fish, EPA and DHA, can be optimised to levels healthy for humans. With Benella Rainbow trout eating Raisioaqua feeds, it is possible to achieve the recommended fatty acid levels good for heart and blood vessels. 

Fish can use their nutrition for growth more effectively than other animals. Unlike warm-blooded animals, cold-blooded fish do not require dietary energy to generate heat. As a result, it is possible to raise rainbow trout's weight by as much as one kilogramme using one kilo of feed, says Jarmo Puputti, Raisioagro's Vice President.

At the fish counter, Finnish origin and sustainable development affect consumers' buying decisions

According to the national fish survey commissioned by Raisioaqua, consumers take freshness and the right price of fish for granted. 86 per cent of consumers make their choice based on the appearance of fish. Finnish origin is an important criterion for 66 per cent of fish buyers. According to the survey, every second consumer regards sustainably farmed fish worth choosing. A total of 1,031 Finns responded to the survey conducted in August 2015. 

Fish consumption has steadily grown in Finland over the past ten years. On average, Finns eat fish 15 kg per person per year. Of this, however, Finnish rainbow trout account for only one kilo per person.
Awareness of the health benefits of fish is at a good level, but at the same time, awareness of sustainability of the fish chain and significance of the Finnish origin remains low. Wholesomeness and sustainability of fish can be significantly affected through farming practices and feeding. Our goal is to increase the use of Finnish rainbow trout in both everyday cooking and as party food, says Jarmo Puputti.

Environmental load of fish farming has fallen by half

Benella Rainbow trout are fed with Raisioaqua's feed containing less phosphorus, which in turn reduces the strain on water systems. According to an independent study, Raisioaqua's feed innovation has lowered the fish farming load on water systems by 26 per cent for six years already. 

As a result of the development work of researchers, fish farmers and feed producers, environmental load has halved in just over ten years. Fish farming is the only sector that has achieved the objectives set in Finland in 2002 regarding the reduction of nutrient loads in the Baltic Sea. In 2014, Finnish farmed rainbow trout was added on the green list of WWF's Seafood Guide.