The 95-year-old Elovena girl gets updated and travels abroad


The appearance of the Elovena brand owned by Raisio Group will be updated in 2020. The changes are driven by Raisio’s goal to increase its international oat business. The new Elovena is a contemporary, brave, Finnish brand that offers naturally healthy oat products in Finland and, from now on, in European markets as well. The Elovena girl will continue her 95-year journey wearing a blue dress.

The visual look of the Elovena brand will be updated to suit the new innovative product groups and international markets. The core of the oat brand, already established and familiar to all Finns, will remain the same: naturally healthy products made from Finnish oats and originating from pure Finnish nature. Elovena’s new packagings will appear in the market in stages starting in February 2020. 

‘We based the renewal of our iconic national brand on three consumer studies conducted in Finland and abroad, for example, in Poland and Sweden. More than 4,000 consumers participated in the studies, and the new Elovena design was rated highly by the participants. Consumers perceived the Elovena girl in her blue dress as a strong symbol of Finnish origin, reliability, naturalness and contemporariness’, explains Mikko Lindqvist, Marketing Director at Raisio.

Elovena primed to be the top brand for Raisio’s international oat business

Raisio took its oat products abroad already more than twenty years ago under the brand names Nordic and Provena, but now Elovena has been selected as the focus brand for Raisio’s expanding international oat business. Provena products will begin to be manufactured as Elovena Gluten-free products during 2020.

‘We believe that Elovena’s strong connection with natural healthiness and its Finnish origin will work well, also on the international level. We will begin the export of Elovena Gluten-free products within our current markets by gradually introducing the brand in, among others, Sweden, Poland and Russia’, says Jennifer Krook, Marketing Manager in charge of the international marketing of Raisio's grain-based brands.

In addition to renewing its Elovena brand, Raisio has invested heavily to advance its international oat business. The company modernised its oat mill in Nokia, Finland with approximately eight million euro and initiated the building of a production facility to manufacture plant-based value-added products in its hometown of Raisio. The cost of the new facility will amount to approximately 45 million euro.