Raisio’s CEO Matti Rihko resigned

Matti Rihko has resigned from his position as Raisio plc’s CEO on 3 January 2017. Rihko and Raisio plc’s Board of Directors have agreed that Rihko may renounce his position with immediate effect. Rihko has acted as Raisio plc’s CEO from November 2006. The Board of Directors will begin immediately the search process for a new CEO.

The Board of Directors has appointed Jarmo Puputti, M. Sc. (Eng.), MBA, as Raisio plc’s interim CEO. In addition to his role as interim CEO, Puputti will continue his duties as Raisioagro’s Managing Director. Jarmo Puputti’s CV is available here.

Matti Perkonoja, Chairman of the Board of Directors says, “The Board of Directors wants to thank Matti Rihko for his ten years’ term and his excellent work for Raisio’s renovation and internationalisation. Since 2006 Raisio shareholders have nearly tripled the value of their investment due to the share price increase and the nine years of increased dividends. We wish Matti Rihko the best of success in his future endeavours.”