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Raisio companies’ old shares

If you still hold paper share certificates of Raision Tehtaat Oy Ab, Oy Vehnä Ab or Oy Kasviöljy-Växtolje Ab, please see instructions for recording shares in the book-entry account below.

Raision Tehtaat Oy Ab’s (now Raisio Plc) shares were incorporated in the book-entry system on 26 November 1994. Shareholders were at the time required to present their share certificates and request the shares to be registered in their book-entry account, i.e. a post-exchange within the registration period by the date of registration (25 November 1994).

By the deadline, not all shareholders presented the paper share certificates and requested that their shares be incorporated in the book-entry account. Therefore, the shares of these sharehold-ers have been held since 1994 in a book-entry account opened in the name of the company (the “Joint Account”).

Until now, a relatively small number of paper share certificates have been presented to the com-pany, although shareholders have had the opportunity since 1994 to request shares to be incorpo-rated in the book-entry system.


Raisio Plc’s shareholder service
tel +358 (2) 443 2111
(weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) or
by e-mail


regarding paper share certificates in Raisio companies and shares in joint book-entry account