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Report misconduct

Raisio Group’s whistleblowing channel

The Raisio Group is committed to operating responsibly and in accordance with its values and Code of Conduct and to comply with laws and authorities’ guidelines and regulations in its business. In order to achieve these goals, it is essential that we are at all times aware of possible violations and abuses related to our operations.

The Raisio Group has a procedure and a communications channel through which a person employed by the Group, or a customer, partner or other member of the Group’s stakeholder may also anonymously report suspected misconduct related to the Raisio Group or its operations.

Reporting suspicions or findings related to unethical activities or misconducts, such as non-compliance with laws and regulations or with Raisio’s Code of Conduct, corruption, bribery, or conflict of interest or infringement of the rules and regulations governing the financial markets, in particular the securities markets.

A person employed by the Group are advised to report any misconduct or suspected violation in the work community primarily to his or her own supervisor or their supervisor and if that is not possible, to use this channel for reporting.

This is not an emergency notification channel. If property or human life is at risk, we recommend that you contact the persons responsible for the security of our company and, if necessary, the authorities.

The system should not send information that could be prohibited from being disclosed in the country where you live. Such information may include e.g. state secrets and matters related to national defense.

The notification channel is also not intended for customer complaints or customer feedback. Complaints or feedback must contact Raisio’s consumer service via a feedback form, telephone or post.

This is not an emergency notification channel.

If property or human life is at risk, we recommend that you contact the persons responsible for the security of our company and, if necessary, the authorities.

How do I report?

The notification will be sent via the link. You will receive a personal ID and password. Be sure to store them carefully. You can log in to the service with your username and password and read the answer or additional questions. Notification handlers will send you an answer or any additional questions within 7 days.

All communications on the Service are anonymous and confidential. The source of the notification cannot be identified unless the contact information is specified in the notification.


The notification channel can be found at


The notification channel is not connected to the Group’s IT systems, but it is instead maintained by an external partner WhistleB (Whisleblowing Centre).

Processor of notifications

The notifications are processed by the Group’s Chief Legal Officer, who is also in charge of Corporate Responsibility issues , in-house Legal Counsel and the Chief Financial Officer. Only designated processors have access to the notifications through our notification channel and they are bound by confidentiality obligation. Processors may request information and expertise from other persons in confidence. The processors report on the notifications received on a general level to Raisio plc’s senior management.


Processing methods

Messages received through the notification channel will be treated confidentially. You can report in your own name or anonymously. We will ensure that the identity of the notifier remains confidential and that the notifier will not be adversely affected, even if the notification does not lead to further action or investigation.. However, misuse of the notification channel by intentional misrepresentation is prohibited and may result in further legal action.

All notifications will be processed. However, processors may reject the notification if:

  • the reported item is not among the items to be reported in accordance with these instructions
  • the notification t is clearly not made in good faith or it is made solely for the purpose of harm, or it concerns private information such as health, sexual orientation or political or religious beliefs
  • the notification does not provide enough information to allow further investigation
  • the matter presented in the notification has already been resolved.

All relevant notifications will be thoroughly investigated. A person affected by or in contact with the suspicion shall not participate in the investigation of the report.

The notifier will be notified of the receipt of the notification and any additional questions will be asked within 7 days of receipt of the notification and feedback within three months. The notifier and processors may discuss the notification anonymously through the notification channel.

In case you inform your name in the notification, it will not be disclosed to anyone other than the person processing the notification. However, if the report relates to a crime, the identity of the whistleblower may have to be revealed in the course of a preliminary investigation and trial by the authority.

Data deletion and privacy

Personal information in the notifications will be deleted when it is no longer needed for research and enforcement purposes. If the notification results in legal proceedings, the information may need to be kept for the time required for the legal proceedings.

Privacy policy for the channel


These principles have been approved by Raisio plc’s Board of Directors on 23 November 2021