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Our purpose and values

Tasty and healthy food is natural and comes from the heart of its maker.

Our purpose defines our focus

Tasty and healthy food is natural and comes from the heart of its maker. As a responsible company, Raisio takes all important food-related factors into account: wellbeing, healthiness, taste and sustainability.

Our strong expertise and will to develop new products allow us to provide well-balanced food to eat with clear conscience. Raisio has convenient foods for any time of day and brings you comprehensive wellbeing and good energy. Our food is good for Health, Heart and Earth.

Our purpose

Food for Health, Heart and Earth.



Delightful, special moments in everyday life are important. Healthy, responsibly produced food made with love contains genuinely good energy. It helps you get through the day and makes your everyday life easier and more convenient. Our foods boost wellbeing and support balanced eating in every moment of every day.



We have always known what kind of food is good for the heart, but Raisio’s food is still much more: it makes your everyday life easier, healthier and more responsible. Your heart is happy with our pioneering products combining innovation and healthy raw materials. At Raisio, we make food with love and passion.



Raisio’s food is both healthy and tasty. We pay special attention to the amount of wholemeal, fibre, sugar and salt, and to the quality of fat. We determinedly develop our product range to be healthier. At the end of 2021 81% of our products were healthy alternatives in their own categories.



We have always taken care of the Earth and we want to learn more. Our production is nearly carbon-neutral and we continue our ambitious work to make our carbon footprint smaller. We are the first company in the world that already in 2009 labelled its product with a carbon and water footprint.


Our values

Our values – Courage, Fairness and Drive – provide a foundation for our company culture. They serve as a compass in evaluating opportunities and help us implement our purpose.


We have ambitious goals and the courage to boldly pursue them. We want to succeed together and we encourage each other. Close cooperation enables better results. We dare to seize opportunities, to make bold decisions and to learn through experience. We have a positive can-do attitude.


We act fairly and honestly. Our open and consistent way of working reinforces trust. What we say is what we do. We also dare to address difficult issues, and know that feedback moves us forward. We respect each other and value each other’s work.


We have a desire to succeed. Opportunities and challenges inspire us. A good working atmosphere is based on respect and humanity. Good leadership, engagement and commitment drive better performance. Our success motivates us, and we thank people for a job well done.