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Raisio plc's Research Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Research Foundation has decided to award a total of EUR 172,083 in post graduate research grants for 2024. For practical reasons the amount to be awarded in 2024 is 135,210 euros.

Our Research Foundation​

Raisio plc’s Research Foundation supports scientific research on a public utility  basis that is related to the development and utilization of foods, food and feed ingredients made from primarily domestic crops. Research related to the manufacturing processes and product safety of food, food ingredients and feed ingredients are also within the scope of the foundation’s activities.

In recent years, the Foundation has executed its activity by awarding personal salary grants for postgraduate studies aiming at a doctoral degree. In addition, the Foundation awards recognition scholarships to well executed master’s theses.

A donation of EUR 500 000 for a professorship in Food Development with special focus on Nordic foods​

In 2018, Raisio plc’s Research Foundation decided to donate funds to the University of Turku to a professorship in the Food Chemistry and Food Development Unit of the Faculty of Science and Technology. The new professorship focuses on the study of the plants cultivated in Finland, supports the export of Finnish foods that are based on sustainable development, and promotes well-being by advancing the development of healthy foods.​

The donation covers the basic funding of the professorship for the first five years, i.e., 2019–2023. The University of Turku appointed PhD Kati Hanhineva for the position.

Read more from University of Turku’s online news​


The Board of the Foundation

Members of the Board of the Raisio plc’s Research Foundation:
Chairman of the Board: Pekka Kuusniemi
Professor Maija Tenkanen​, University of Helsinki
Professor Tapio Salmi, Åbo Akademi

Doctor of Science in Food technology, Chief Innovation Officer Reetta Andolin, Raisio plc
Doctor of Science (Bioprocess technology), Emilia Nordlund, VTT
Certified Board Member, member of Board of Directors, Ann-Christine Sundell, Raisio plc


General topics related to Foundation and scholarships: tutkimussaatio(at) 

Representative: Senior Research Advisor Ingmar Wester, ingmar.wester(at), Tel. 050 601 32​