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During the recent years strengthening of the common corporate culture, development of common practices and working on values has been our priority.

Key objectives for 2022–2025

  • We strive for an excellent employee experience: We enjoy our work and are proud to be part of the future of the international Raisio Group. ​​
  • We support the healthy lifestyle and well-being of our employees.​​
  • We support diversity and inclusion by offering equal opportunities for everyone.​

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We aim to be an attractive employer

The employee survey conducted at the end of 2023 shows a positive development in company culture and job satisfaction compared to the employee survey conducted in 2022. Overall, job satisfaction at Raisio is good.

The response rate, which was already high before, now reached a remarkable 91 per cent. The exceptionally high response rate reflects our employees’ commitment. According to the results, Raisio’s strength lies in the work of our supervisors, which is highly rated by the employees. Our employees feel that they are given sufficient responsibility and freedom to carry out their tasks, and the mutual trust between supervisors and teams is also good.

Raisio’s Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) rose to 39.5, up from 19 in the previous survey. Although the eNPS should be viewed critically, it is well in line with the other results of the survey.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

One of the primary goals of our responsibility programme is to support diversity, equity and inclusion, and to achieve this, we have launched work to create a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan.

In 2023, we conducted a self-assessment to determine where our company stands on these issues. Only then can we move forward with drawing up a plan and defining objectives. In 2024, this work will continue in the DEI working group that we have set up.

We will continue to develop
our corporate culture

We have continued our journey of change that started in 2021. The aim of this journey is to strengthen our shared, new company culture and develop unified ways of working to support our strategy in practice.

During 2023 almost all of our employees have participated in our ‘In the Heart of Raisio’ training sessions, which have focused on values and leadership principles. Based on the ideas that our employees generated during the training sessions, we have summed up Raisio’s company culture assets: we enjoy coming to work, we can only succeed together and we are constantly renewing and developing ourselves. We will continue to strengthen and develop these assets and themes in the future.

Safety comes from action

A key part of strengthening occupational safety culture is proactive occupational safety work. As indicators of proactive occupational safety work, we use safety observations, safety quarters, near miss reports, safety rounds and work risk and hazard assessments. Furthermore, the investigation process of each accident includes the definition of corrective actions, open communication within the organisation and peer learning.

The work done to develop a culture of occupational safety is reflected in the number of proactive safety measures. In 2023 a total of 1,197 preventive safety measures were taken (2022: 904, 2021: 452).