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Food Professionals

During the recent years strengthening of the common corporate culture, development of common practices and working on values has been our priority.

Key objectives for 2022–2025

  • We strive for an excellent employee experience: We enjoy our work and are proud to be part of the future of the international Raisio Group. ​​
  • We support the healthy lifestyle and well-being of our employees.​​
  • We support diversity and inclusion by offering equal opportunities for everyone.​

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We aim to be an attractive employer

We determinedly promote the competence and work ability of our personnel and support in healthy lifestyles.

In 2022, we introduced the Cuckoo well-being app that encourages people to take breaks through activities such as short break exercise videos, giving the body a break from sitting and the brain a rest. As a way to encourage healthy lifestyles while also being environmentally friendly, we introduced a company bike benefit in Finland. This bike is intended for the personal use of the employee for commuting and travel during work and leisure time.

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Diversity and inclusion

One of the primary goals of our responsibility programme is to support diversity and inclusion, and to achieve this, we have launched work to create a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan.

This is a very broad topic, and our first step is to define together what we at Raisio mean by diversity and inclusion. Only then can we move forward with drawing up a plan and defining objectives. Work on the DEI Plan started in 2022, but did not progress as far as we had planned. The work will continue in 2023.

We will continue to develop
our corporate culture

In summer 2022, we launched a comprehensive and long-term change programme to develop the company’s business, accelerate growth and improve profitability, and a large number of Raisio employees have been working on it. The change programme is supported by the Walk the Talk programme launched last year, which focuses in particular on developing Raisio’s corporate culture.

In the Walk the Talk programme, 11 ideas were selected for implementation to promote a sense of community, trust and psychological safety within the organisation; share knowledge and engage employees; and clarify the shared vision and strategic objectives.

Safety comes from action

A key part of strengthening occupational safety culture is proactive occupational safety work. As indicators of proactive occupational safety work, we use safety observations, safety quarters, near miss reports, safety rounds and work risk and hazard assessments. Furthermore, the investigation process of each accident includes the definition of corrective actions, open communication within the organisation and peer learning.

The work done to develop a culture of occupational safety is reflected in the number of proactive safety measures, which has doubled compared to 2021. The most significant increase was in the number of safety observations and safety quarters. This change can also be seen in the increase in reporting activity, the increased importance of accident investigations and the significant increase in the number of corrective actions taken following accidents in recent years.