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Healthy Growth Strategy 2022–2025

Raisio’s main goal during the strategy period is to grow based on the new capabilities, increased capacity and new product categories.

Raisio’s Healthy Growth Strategy is based on three focus areas

Benecol® and plant stanol ester solutions

Raisio continues to invest in growing the international Benecol® brand. Plant stanol ester in Benecol® products has been shown to lower cholesterol and the health claim has been approved by the EU commission. Furthermore, Raisio invests also in a research program to study other potential health beneficial properties of plant stanol ester.

Value added oats and ingredients

Raisio continues to expand internationally in the B2B as well as the consumer market based on the company’s strong expertise in oats.

Plant-based products

Consumer choices are increasingly directed towards healthy and sustainably produced, plant-based food. Raisio wants to strengthen its position in this promising and fast-growing market in Finland as well as internationally.


Raisio's growth drivers 2022-2025

Raisio’s Financial Targets ​2022−2025*


The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the combined net sales from the three focus areas is 7% during the strategy period, and the CAGR for the entire Raisio Group is 5%.


Raisio targets a comparable EBIT of over 10 per cent of the Group’s net sales in 2025. The commissioning and commercialisation stage of the new production facility and growth investments in Verso Food, acquired in spring 2021, put pressure on Raisio’s profitability during the first years of the strategy period.

*The targets have been defined for Raisio’s current company structure on June 10th 2021 and do not include potential business acquisitions.​