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Healthy Growth Strategy 2019–2021

Raisio’s Healthy Growth Strategy is based on two strong pillars.

Raisio focuses on healthy food and aims to be an innovative and increasingly international brand house. Strategic growth both organically and through acquisitions is Raisio’s key target.

Raisio’s Healthy Growth Strategy is based on two strong pillars. On the one hand, Raisio will continue to invest in the growth of the leading, international cholesterol-lowering Benecol® brand, and on the other, the company will build a European business based on Raisio’s strong oat expertise.

Raisio also seeks growth by expanding into new markets in Europe and by strengthening the growth and profitability of its core businesses. The future Raisio is a strongly values-led company whose long-term success is enabled by its skilled and committed employees.

The goal-oriented Responsibility Programme is a solid part of the strategy.

Find out more about our Responsibility Programme


Raisio’s Key Strategic Targets​

1. Oat-based value-added products will be the other strong pillar for Raisio’s international business

2. Fewer but stronger brands: the focus on ​international Benecol® ​and Elovena® brands

3. A values-led company ​whose long-term success ​is enabled by skilled and committed personnel

Raisio’s Financial Targets ​2019–2021*


The goal is to reach a higher than four per cent annual average organic net sales growth. Raisio aims to reach net sales of EUR 260 million in 2021.


The goal is to reach comparable EBIT of higher than 10 per cent of net sales. Raisio aims to reach comparable EBIT of EUR 32 million in 2021.

*Raisio Group’s continuing operations 2018​