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Raisio as an investment

Raisio is an innovative, profitably growing and international house of brands, which produces healthy and sustainably produced food products and ingredients for domestic and foreign consumers as well as industrial clients.

Targeting faster-than-market growth

Our Healthy Growth strategy is built on three focus areas: Benecol® and plant stanol ester solutions, value added oats and ingredients and plant proteins.

Our target is to grow the combined net sales from the three aforementioned focus areas by an average of 11% annually and the net sales of the entire Group by 9% annually during the strategy period 2022‒2025. Furthermore, we are targeting a comparable EBIT of over 13 per cent of the Group’s net sales in 2025.

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Raisio's strategic focus areas

Food for Health, Heart and Earth.

Responsibility is our strategy

Raisio’s purpose “Food for Health, Heart and Earth” guides our operations, and responsibility is part of our strategy and everyday work.

Our responsibility programme, Good Food Plan 2022–2025, is part of the company’s Healthy Growth Strategy that aims, among other things, to make us a forerunner in responsibility.

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Strong financial standing enables growth
and rewarding shareholders

Our strong financial standing creates a solid basis for accelerating growth during the strategy period. Although we have invested a total of nearly EUR 70 million in our production facilities and our expertise in plant-based foods and related technologies during the last three years, our financial position has remained strong.

Our goal is to reward shareholders also in the coming years of building growth and to pay an annual dividend of 50–100% of the company’s earnings per share. In addition, we aim to return value to shareholders through, for example, payment of extra dividends and other ways made possible by a strong balance sheet.