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Responsibility at the core of Raisio’s strategy

At Raisio, responsibility is part of our strategy and everyday work. Raisio’s purpose “Food for Health, Heart and Earth” guides our operations. We have made responsibly produced, safe, healthy and high-quality food for over eighty years, and we still believe in continuous improvement. That is why we have set ambitious goals for our responsibility work.

 Our responsibility programme, Good Food Plan 2019-2023, is part of the company’s Healthy Growth Strategy that aims, among other things, to make Raisio a forerunner in responsibility. The Good Food Plan defines the targets and actions for our responsibility work. It is crystallised into five themes, in which we want to grow into a forerunner of responsibility by the end of 2023.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Raisio’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2019 tells about our journey to become a forerunner in responsibility. 2019 was the first year of our new responsibility programme and we embarked on a journey to achieve our ambitious goals. In 2007–2018 Corporate Responsibility report was part of the Annual Report.

Themes of the Good Food Plan

Bases of responsibility, policies and principles

It has always been important for us to take care of the planet and makers of good food. Responsible food, made of sustainably produced raw materials, is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Raisio is committed to taking responsibility for its operating environment, environmental matters and personnel. We comply with all laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.

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