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Raisio’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2021

As one operator in the food chain we are doing our part to build a common food system that is more sustainable for the environment and climate.

Responsibility is our strategy

Our approach to responsibility reflects the Raisio Group’s purpose – Food for Health, Heart and Earth. In our responsibility programme, the Good Food Plan, the health of the planet and people is taken into account. What is more, the responsibility of our products is assessed all along the way, from primary food production to production plant and to dinner table.

We have put responsibility at the core of our purpose, and also our strategy.  Our strategy responds to the food transition, where different operators in the food chain are working to build a more sustainable food system in terms of the environment and climate.

Consumer behaviour is also undergoing a change, with food choices increasingly influenced, not only by taste and health aspects, but also by sustainability topics.

Our Good Food Plan 2022–2025 serves as a guide and provides tools for making more sustainable Raisio products. The five areas are: Healthy Food, Sustainable Food Chain, Environmentally Friendly Packaging, Food Professionals and Environment & Climate Action. To create a clearer link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which we support, we selected one UN Sustainable Development Goal for each project that we felt we could best contribute to through our activities.

Raisio Sustainable Development Goals

Good Food Plan themes

We have identified the most relevant themes for responsibility work through a stakeholder analysis. Our long-term work on these projects continues.

Healthy Food

We are passionate about ensuring that our products are tasty and healthy. Raisio’s plant-based products fit well with consumers’ efforts to add plant-based products to their diets.

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Sustainable Food Chain

We pay close attention to sustainable raw material choices and require that operators in our supply chain commit to Raisio’s ethical principles.

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We have constant co-operation with research institutes, packaging manufacturers and paper industry to find new, more sustainable packaging options for our products.

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Food Professionals

We aim at excellent employee experience. During the recent years strengthening of the common corporate culture, development of common practices and working on values has been our priority.

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Environment & Climate Action

We particularly focus on carbon neutrality of production and on material and energy efficiency. Raisio’s key environmental goal is carbon-neutral production by the end of 2023.

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Bases of responsibility, policies and principles

It has always been important for us to take care of the planet and makers of good food. Responsible food, made of sustainably produced raw materials, is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Raisio is committed to taking responsibility for its operating environment, environmental matters and personnel. We comply with all laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.

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