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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We promote the use of environmentally friendly packaging

The purpose of a package is to protect and ensure the shelf-life and safety of a product. Consumers want to have environmentally friendly and easily recyclable product packaging.

At the beginning of 2019, we conducted an extensive study on the recyclability of packaging materials in our markets. The study showed that consumers’ possibilities to recycle packaging vary from one market to another. For example, consumers can return Benecol drink bottles to plastic recycling bins in Finland but not in the UK. We are trying to find packaging options that can be recycled in all markets.

Key objectives for 2022–2025

  • All our packaging is recyclable by the end of 2025. We will increase the use of renewable and recycled material.​
  • Our aim is to continuously reduce the amount of packaging plastic and materials. Our long-term goal is to do away with plastic packaging altogether.​
  • We educate and inspire consumers on packaging recycling and sustainability.​

Constant development

We have constant co-operation with research institutes, packaging manufacturers and paper industry to find new cardboard-based packaging options for our products. Processes in packaging changes are lengthy and we do not compromise on the quality or safety of products.

As part of the environmentally friendly packaging, we avoid unnecessary and oversized packaging. That is why we also look into opportunities to reduce the amount of plastic in our current packaging.


Recycling instructions

Recycling should be easy for consumers. To help in this we clearly indicate how the packaging of our products can be recycled.

We update recycling labelling as packages are renewed.