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Friendly Packaging

Our packaging choices are guided by the quality and shelf life of the product, the recyclability of the packaging and the minimisation of the amount of plastic.

Key objectives for 2022–2025

  • All our packaging is recyclable by the end of 2025. We will increase the use of renewable and recycled material.​
  • Our aim is to continuously reduce the amount of packaging plastic and materials. Our long-term goal is to do away with plastic packaging altogether.​
  • We educate and inspire consumers on packaging recycling and sustainability.​

Sustainable Development Goal 12

Package recycling must be easy

One of our key objectives is to encourage consumers to be responsible and recycle packaging. In addition to  recycling labels, our products also include clear, verbal instructions on how to recycle the packaging. Consumers are also interested in other responsibility-related information, such as information on carbon-neutral production.

One of the key challenges related to packaging materials is that consumers’ opportunities to recycle packaging materials for consumer products varies from market to market. We are trying to find packaging options that can be recycled in all markets.


97% of our consumer packaging is now recyclable.

Raisio plc Recyclable consumer packaging


Constant development

We have constant co-operation with research institutes, packaging manufacturers and paper industry to find new cardboard-based packaging options for our products. As part of the environmentally friendly packaging, we avoid unnecessary and oversized packaging.

We also look into opportunities to reduce the amount of plastic in our current packaging. For example, in 2023, the wrapping of Elovena® snack biscuits will be replaced by a material suitable for cardboard recycling. The new packaging will reduce the amount of plastic we use.

While we prioritised cardboard materials for the new factory’s products, we cannot entirely do away with plastic: packaging for liquid products requires a small amount of plastic to ensure that the packaging can withstand both moisture and grease, and to keep the product in perfect condition. The caps for our drink cartons are made from plant-based plastic, with sugar cane as the raw material.


In 2023, the wrapping of Elovena® snack biscuits will be replaced by a material suitable for cardboard recycling.

Elovena-pakkaukset uudella korkilla

We are among the first to manufacture drink cartons with caps that stay attached to them

In 2022, we have put particular effort into implementing the worthwhile goals of the SUP Directive and have made changes in our production to be able to put the new caps on our drink products now, ahead of schedule. In 2023, we will introduce caps that will remain attached to the drink containers, as required by the Directive.

This new practice aims to prevent drink container caps from ending up in the environment. The new packaging is also convenient to use and easy to recycle, as the whole package, including the cap, can be recycled as cardboard.

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