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Raisio's shares

Raisio plc's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Raisio plc’s share classes are restricted shares and free shares. Both share classes are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd in the public trading under the sector Consumer Goods and sub-industry of Food Products.

The fully paid-up share capital of Raisio plc is EUR 27,776,072.91, which on 2 March 2022 was divided into 30,703,928 restricted shares (series K) and 129,232,406 free shares (series V).

Share classesShare capital and own shares

Raisio V Share

Interactive investor tools

With our interactive tools, you can follow the development of Raisio’s share price and trading volumes on Nasdaq Helsinki, search for closing prices and calculate the return on your Raisio investment.

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