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Research, product development and innovations

We know that you cannot conquer the world alone; you need networks, partners and cooperation.

Let’s make future-proof food already today

At Raisio, we want to promote a future-proof, sustainable way of producing and consuming food.

Building a sustainable food system is a monumental task that requires networks, partners and the joint processing of knowledge.

We are focusing on the growth areas of our strategy

Raisio’s growth drivers

Plant stanol ester solutions

Since 1995, we have been helping people eat healthier with our products containing plant stanol. Combining plant stanols and rapeseed oil produces plant stanol ester, a unique ingredient patented by Raisio that can be added to foods. Decades of research have shown that plant stanols lower cholesterol by reducing the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. High cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease. Today, we are also exploring what other health benefits plant stanol could have. For example, we are interested in whether plant stanol could contribute to the immune response in connection with vaccines.


Oats have plenty of uses! In addition to the desired end products and ingredients, the processing of oats also generates a wide range of side streams. We are exploring how we can use the side streams with high-value components in new ways and turn them into raw materials for food.

Plant proteins

Food and ingredient applications based on fava beans and oats are key areas of research for us.


We are building our network
with an open mind

We are interested in innovations, technologies and ideas that we can take forward together with partners. Our strategy guides our choices, but insightful partnerships can reveal exciting opportunities we do not even know about yet!


Our latest

The Voice of Innovations co-innovation challenge for students

Together with SHIFT Business Festival we are launched a co-innovation challenge, which can reveal new innovations, technologies and ideas that could promote healthy and sustainable eating.

More about the competition

Nordic Umami Company

We are working with the Nordic Umami Company to explore how the side streams from our factories could be used to make umami. Nordic Umami Company focuses on umami products, producing the ‘meaty’ and full-bodied umami flavour that is often missing from plant-based products. To this end, the company has developed a technology based on nature’s own processes.

The project makes extensive use of the side streams generated from the production of Raisio’s factories. The primary goal is to find new uses for the side streams, in particular as a raw material for food. Another goal is to be able to use the resulting umami in Raisio’s own products as well.

Nordic Umami Company website

Viikki Food Design Factory’s Germinator programme 2022–2023

The programme is a pre-incubator for productising and commercialising food system solutions for researchers, graduating students and free agent innovators with promising inventions for food system transformation and profitable business. We are involved in selecting the teams and sparring with them.

Viikki Food Design Factory website


Me, My Health and My Food

The project, launched by VTT and the University of Turku, aims to develop personalised and targeted food and eating solutions by combining and analysing personal data from different sources.

MeHeFo project website