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Healthy Food

While developing products, we pay special attention to the good taste of products, the quality of fat and the amounts of fibre, sugar and salt – and strive for the best possible combination of taste and healthiness.

To support product development, we have defined healthy criteria for all product categories. Raisio’s view on healthy food is based on the generally approved concepts confirmed by the science of nutrition.

Our goal

We make genuinely healthy food. In 2023, 80 per cent of our products will be healthy alternatives in their own categories.

Raisio’s criteria for healthy food, listed by product category

At Raisio, responsibility is part of our strategy and everyday work. Raisio’s purpose “Food for Health, Heart and Earth” guides our operations.

We have made responsibly produced, safe, healthy and high-quality food for over eighty years, and we still believe in continuous improvement.