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Healthy Food

We are passionate about the taste and healthiness of our products. Our plant-based products fit well with consumers’ efforts to add plant-based products to their diets.

Key objectives for 2022–2025

  • At least 80% of our products will be healthy alternatives in their own categories
    by the end of 2025.​
  • Raisio actively promotes a healthy and climate-friendly diet.​
  • We will further increase the amount of plant-based products.​

Food transition is an opportunity

The world around food is changing. Food chain operators are doing their part to build a common food system that is more sustainable for the environment and climate. Indeed, we are living in the middle of a food transition.

For us, the food transition is an opportunity, and the strategic decisions and strategy update we made in 2021 will contribute to a sustainable food system even on a wider scale. We have invested in plant-based foods, and these investments allow us to offer consumers the opportunity to make increasingly sustainable food choices.

Our product range has expanded considerably with both fava bean products and plant-based product lines manufactured in our new factory.


Healthy products

When we started to systematically assess our products from a health perspective in 2016, 63% of our consumer products were healthy alternatives in their respective product categories. The product portfolio has been systematically developed to be even healthier; at the end of 2023, 83% of our consumer products were healthy.

Our aim is to maintain this level and continue to ensure that at least 80% of our consumer products are healthy. This objective is also in line with the commonly used 80/20 rule: the majority of the diet should be healthy, but occasional variations are allowed and there is no need to aim for absolutes. In 2023, 88% of the new products we launched met our criteria for healthy products.

We focus on healthy and tasty food

While developing products, we pay special attention to the good taste of products, the quality of fat and the amounts of fibre, sugar and salt – and strive for the best possible combination of taste and healthiness.

To support product development, we have defined healthy criteria for all product categories. The criteria take into account the nutrients essential for health in each category. Raisio’s view on healthy food is based on the generally approved concepts confirmed by the science of nutrition. As nutritional knowledge evolve, we will also update our criteria and keep them abreast of the developments.

In 2022, we improved the health criteria for our drinks in terms of sugar content, and lowered the sugar limit for our flavoured drinks. One of our long-term goals is to find ways to reduce the salt content of plant protein products.

Raisio’s criteria for healthy food

Härkis Kaurajauhis

Härkis® Oat Mince gives Finnish oats a whole new twist

The Oat Mince range of the Härkis® product family meets the consumers’ demand for a tasty, healthy and easy-to-use plant protein product. The aim of the product development was to create a ready-to-use and healthy product with Finnish, gluten-free oats as the main ingredient.

Härkis® Oat Mince products do not require learning any new recipes; people can use the mince in their own favourite recipes: the lightly seasoned mince is perfect for a pasta bake, texmex-flavoured for burritos and curry-flavoured for sauces, just to name a few options.