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Organization and management

Get to know Raisio's organizational structure and the members of the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

Governing bodies

The governing bodies of Raisio are the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Supervisory Board supervises the corporate administration run by the Board of Directors and the CEO.

Members of the Supervisory Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of the company and proper organization of its operations. The day-to-day operations are run by the CEO, assisted by the Executive Committee.

Members of the Board of Directors Members of the Executive Committee 


Raisio’s organization is divided into seven functions:

  • Operations
  • Research and Development
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Sales
  • People and Development
  • Finance, IT and Investor Relations
  • Legal Affairs and Corporate Responsibility

Operations include production, procurement and logistics.

Research and Development includes product development and innovation functions.

Marketing and Communications includes plant-based food and grain-based brands and product groups, as well as communications and consumer insight.

Sales includes all of Raisio Group’s sales organizations, including the sale of ingredients.

Other functions include Finance, IT & Investor Relations; Legal Affairs & Corporate Responsibility; Research and Development and; People and Development

Raisio Group Organization

Raisio Group’s reportable segments

Raisio Group’s reportable segments are Healthy Food, Healthy Ingredients and Other Operations. The Healthy Food segment focuses on the consumer brands with Europe as its market area. The Healthy Ingredients segment includes the sale of Benecol® product ingredient and the sale of plant-based foods and their ingredients for industrial and catering companies. Other operations include support functions, including  production, procurement and supply chain.

Raisio’s Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is the Company’s highest decision making body. It meets annually by the end of April to decide on the matters within its responsibilities. You can find the latest AGM materials at the link below.

Annual General Meeting