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CEO and Executive Committee


Raisio plc’s CEO runs the company’s day-to-day administration in accordance with the Board’s guidelines and regulations and in line with the targets set by the Board (general authority), as well as ensures that the company’s accounting complies with legislation and that its asset management arrangements are reliable. Managing Director is appointed and discharged by the Board of Directors. Managing Director is appointed for an indefinite term. The company has not appointed a deputy to the CEO. Raisio’s CFO acts as the CEO’s substitute, when necessary.

Raisio plc’s CEO since June 15, 2024 is Pasi Flinkman.

The Group’s Executive Committee is chaired by Raisio plc’s CEO and the members are: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Officer. The company has appointed substitutes to the Executive Committee members.

The Executive Committee coordinates the Group’s operations and defines Group-level operating objectives, policies and processes. It prepares the Group’s strategy, supervises its implementation and assists the CEO in preparing proposals subjected to the Board, which concern the entire Group. Key topics of the Executive Committee’s regular meetings include the results, forecasts and various reports of the Group and its Divisions.