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Privacy Policy for Raisio’s meta services

This Privacy Policy  applies to the processing of personal data connected to likes, comments or reactions to the community pages and messaging services of Raisio plc and its Group companies Raisio Nutrition Ltd and Verso Food Ltd (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Raisio”) that are provided by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (such as Facebook and Instagram, hereinafter referred to as ”Meta”).

Raisio may use Meta’s Facebook or Instagram services to organize competitions, campaigns or draws, in which case the personal data will be processed in accordance with a separate data protection statement attached to each competition, campaign or draw in question. General information on how Raisio processes personal data is available in Raisio’s Privacy Statement: Privacy Statement – Raisio Raisio plc’s Privacy Statement.

1.Data Controller

Where applicable, Raisio and Meta are joint data controllers with regard to the community pages and messaging services.

Meta processes personal data in accordance with its data protection principles. Meta is primarily responsible for compliance with data protection legislation and for the implementation of data security, as well as the rights of data subjects in the service. Data subjects can manage their data protection settings on Meta’s pages. Further information on Meta’s data processing and the data subject’s rights is available at

2. Purpose and justification of data processing

Raisio only processes personal data obtained through social networking sites and messaging services for Raisio’s own purposes, such as informing about its services or news, organizing contests or draws, receiving feedback, purchasing advertisements on Meta, measuring the accessibility of websites or advertisements, or customer service on Meta. All personal data provided e.g. by taking part in a competition is based on the participant’s approval.

Processing personal data for the above mentioned purposes is based on Raisio’s legitimate interest.

3. Processed data and data sources

Raisio receives from Meta the name of the individual data subject who has registered on Meta’s service, the public profile image and other information that the data subject has defined as publicly visible on Meta’s service. The data subjects may, on their own initiative also disclose other personal data in the comment or messages sections of the services. Raisio does not integrate this data with any other registers without the data subject’s consent and without informing the data subject accordingly.

The data subject may also restrict the processing of their personal data by unliking and/or unfollowing Raisio’s community page. The data subject may also ask Raisio to remove the conversation that took place via the messaging service.

4. Disclosure and transfer of personal data

Raisio does not process the personal data outside the EU or the European Economic Area. Raisio does not perform automatic profiling or decision-making that would result in legal effects concerning the data subject.

5. Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the following rights:

  • Right to request access to personal data
  • Right to rectification of data
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to object
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Right to data portability

If a data subjects wish to exercise their rights or to obtain more information about the processing of their personal data, they can contact Meta, which is primarily responsible for the implementation of the data subject’s rights:

Raisio’s contact information for matters concerning this Privacy Policy about the joint register with Meta are:

Raisio plc, P.O. Box 101, FI-21201 Raisio, Finland (Visiting address: Raisionkaari 55, 21200 Raisio, Finland)

Telephone: +358 2 443 2111

Please send a message to privacy(at) or contact our customer service by phone +358 2 443 2022 on weekdays 8-11 or at other times, you can leave a message on the answering machine.

Data subjects can file a complaint to the supervisory authority, if they believe that Raisio has not processed their personal data in accordance with the law:

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Raisio reserves the right to changes this Privacy Policy e.g. due to changes in legislation. This Privacy Policy has been updated on 5 June 2023.