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Sponsoring, product donations and partnerships 

From this page you will find information on Raisio’s current partnerships as well as forms to apply for a product donation or to suggest a new partnership.

At the Raisio Group sponsoring is focusing to activities which support business strategy. At the moment we are not looking for new collaboration activities.

Bake for a Cause

Bake for a Cause is a fund raising event where children in kindergartens and schools bake to help other children who are having problems by selling baked goods to friends and family.

In October 2021, Bake for a Cause (Auta leipomalla) will be held in Finland for the first time. One of Raisio’s local brands, Sunnuntai® is the main partner of the event.

The proceeds of the event are donated to benefit The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare’s (MLL) Child and Youth Helpline.



Yrityskylä of South-West Finland

The Raisio Group has been a partner of the Yrityskylä entrepreneurship learning environment in Finland since 2013.

Yrityskylä is a learning environment, in which school children in grades six and nine get positive experiences of working life, economy and society in a format of a role play. As a partner the Raision Group supports the aim to see entrepreneurial skills of young people as an investment in the future.

Find more information about the Yrityskylä concept


Elovena® helps families with children

Elovena has collaboration with Venner which supports low-income families with children. From Venner these families get food bags which contain ingredients and recipes for healthy and easy-to-prepare meals.

More about Venner

Elovena® Power Days

The Elovena® Power Days (Elovena Voimapäivä®) have been delighting primary school children since 2007. The Power Days are a joint project of Elovena® and the Finnish Athletics Federation, in which the Federation’s local organizations implement sports activity days for 3rd-6th graders all over Finland. The day is full of fun and exercise and at the same time brings up also important topics about healthy food, well-being and importance of exercising.

Beyond 2030 Challenge

For 2020 we joined also as partner in the Beyond 2030 Challenge science competition, which promotes possibilities of science, technology, new ideas and innovations.

Beyond 2030 Challenge is a science competition initiated by the City of Turku and Bayer. The competition is supported by the local academics and industry. In the competition, upper secondary education students in groups of one to four people develop new ideas, innovations and applications that could help to save the environment and people – now and in the future. Ideas could be related for example to climate change, sustainable development, circular economy social environment, wellbeing technology, reducing poverty and illnesses etc.

Read more about the challenge in Turku city website



Product donation applications

In the form of product donations and at our discretion we sponsor local, non-profit organizations which promote well-being in Finland. We won’t donate products to individuals.

Please also note that donated products may not be sold further. As a general rule, donated products will not be mailed by post. It is not possible to receive product donations in July.

To apply for a product donation, please fill out and submit the form. The processing time for applications is about 4 weeks.

  • DD dot MM dot YYYY

    Please note that we usually won´t be able to send products by post.

Sponsorship applications and inquiries for co-operation

At the Raisio group we focus sponsoring to activities which support our strategy. At the moment we are not looking for new co-operation projects. However, if you would like to apply for a sponsorship or suggest a new partnership, please fill in the form.