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Sponsoring, product donations and partnerships 

From this page you will find information on Raisio’s current partnerships, to which we have focused our sponsoring. At the moment we are not looking for new collaboration activities.

Unfortunately we can’t accept product donation requests at the moment. As soon as new donation requests are accepted, you will find a form on this page to apply for donations. Unfortunately we are not able to process requests via e-mail nor phone either.

Härkis® is the collaboration partner of the Finnish Olympic team

Härkis® is the official partner of the Finnish Olympic team on their journey to the Paris Summer Olympics 2024.

The goal of this collaboration is to encourage the sports community to try plant-based food  more often. According to the survey carried out by the Härkis® team, every other athlete would like to eat plant-based food more often, but they feel uncertain whether plant proteins provide sufficient energy and proteins in an athlete’s diet. Don’t worry! Athletes can indeed obtain essential building blocks for development from a plant-based diet by combining sources of plant proteins such as grains and legumes daily.

Our Härkis® team, in collaboration with experts from the Finnish Olympic Committee, debunks common myths about vegetarian diets.

More on myths

Raisio’s Christmas donation to assist in Ukraine crises

In 2023 we made a Christmas donation to the Red Cross and within Red Cross targeted the donation to help with their efforts in the Ukraine crisis. We chose Red Cross based on the recommendation by our Ukrainian colleagues.

Elovena® is a partner for the National Youth Orienteering Team

The Finnish Orienteering Federation has co-operation with Elovena® regarding nutrition topics.
“This is a meaningful collaboration, not only for the reason that our youth national team gets their own partner, but also because the team members have themselves been proactive. It is also great to see that already at an early stage of their career they are well aware of the importance of high-quality nutrition for an athlete. From my personal experience I can tell, that when you are somewhere abroad the best way to start the day is a breakfast which includes porridge originating from Finland,” says Petteri Kähäri from the Finnish Orienteering Federation.

Yrityskylä of South-West Finland

The Raisio Group has been a partner of the Yrityskylä entrepreneurship learning environment in Finland since 2013.

Yrityskylä is a learning environment, in which school children in grades six and nine get positive experiences of working life, economy and society in a format of a role play. As a partner the Raision Group supports the aim to see entrepreneurial skills of young people as an investment in the future.

Find more information about the Yrityskylä concept