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Co-innovation challenge for students

The Voice of Innovations

We know that we cannot conquer the world alone; we need networks, partners and cooperation. We are interested in innovations, technologies and ideas that we that could promote healthy and sustainable eating. At SHIFT Business Festival, we launched a co-innovation challenge to students, called the Voice of Innovations, which can reveal new exciting ideas!





Let’s make future-proof food already today

At Raisio, we make food from the heart, with the aim of bringing health to ourselves and the Earth. We keep creating better plant-based and heart-healthy products so that eating healthily and within the Earth’s ecological capacity can be a pleasure.

Building a sustainable food system is a monumental task that requires networks, partners and the joint processing of knowledge. We already cooperate extensively with various parties, and with The Voice of Innovations competition, we especially seek fresh perspectives from students that could promote healthy and sustainable eating.

We are challenging you to join us in developing more sustainable and healthier foods and food systems. We look for solutions under the following themes:


How to nudge consumers towards healthier and more sustainable choices? What is a break-through to make the better choice?


How could communities support the shift? Or could political innovations support the individuals?


What are the future user interfaces? How plant proteins are consumed? What does the future fast food look like?


How to make supply chain more sustainable, e.g. by utilizing side streams? Logistics, channels, services.

How to participate:

1. Create a solution, which answers to one or several of our food system’s biggest challenges

2. Pitch the solution in a shareable format and send it to by 6 April 2025

Elements of the pitch:

  1. Describe your solution

  2. Describe the consumer/customer need that your concept is solving

  3. What is the purpose of the solution i. e. how does the concept make the world a better place

  4. Reason to believe: why should we believe in the solution, why is this good for Raisio?

  5. Estimate the market potential of your concept

  6. Estimate the feasibility or the difficulty of the solution to be scaled up

Schedule for the Raisio Voice of Innovations:

The Prize:

The best ideas will be pitched on stage at the SHIFT in 2025

Bag full of Raisio products

A cash prize of 2,000 euros




Raisio’s Healthy Growth Strategy is based on three focus areas

Read more about the focus areas

Benecol® and plant stanol ester solutions

Since 1995, we have been helping people eat healthier with our products containing plant stanol. Combining plant stanols and rapeseed oil produces plant stanol ester, a unique ingredient patented by Raisio that can be added to foods. Decades of research have shown that plant stanols lower cholesterol by reducing the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. High cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.  Today, we are also exploring what other health benefits plant stanol could have.

Value added oats and ingredients

Raisio continues to expand internationally in the business-to-business as well as the consumer market based on the company’s strong expertise in oats. Oats have plenty of uses! In addition to the desired end products and ingredients, the processing of oats also generates a wide range of side streams. We are exploring how we can use the side streams with high-value components in new ways and turn them into raw materials for food.

Plant proteins

Consumer choices are increasingly directed towards healthy and sustainably produced, plant-based food. Raisio wants to strengthen its position in this promising market in Finland as well as internationally.