What is CO2e?

CO2e or carbon dioxide equivalent describes the total climate warming effect of all greenhouse gases.

CO2e is calculated by converting all greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide, accumulated during the product's supply chain to equal carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is one of the greenhouse gases causing climate change. Food production generates other greenhouse gas emissions too, but carbon dioxide is the most known of all greenhouse gases.

Did you know this about carbon dioxide?

Life on earth is based on the cycle of carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants require carbon to grow. They take it from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while releasing oxygen necessary for life.

Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere but only in small quantities. Increased levels of carbon dioxide have an adverse effect on atmospheric temperature. Use of oil for heating and transport purposes as well as food production in its different stages, from farms to households, are the primary causes of the increased carbon dioxide levels.