Raisio Group


Raisio's policy is to provide its personnel compensation that is competitive in each country and business area.

Personnel rewarding is a comprehensive package with monetary reward, staff and fringe benefits, work and the way of working as well as development opportunities. Payroll and incentive schemes as well as social and other benefits are assessed regularly.

Raisio's goal is to maintain and develop schemes that are fair and motivating and reward good performance in each country and business area. The Group's reward systems enhance value based activity and help to achieve strategy and targets.

Raisio regurarly monitors salaries in the market in order to maintain its competitiveness.

Work and meaningful way of working

  • Meaningful work and job description
  • Good working conditions
  • Targets
  • Performance appraisals
  • Operating system
  • Good leadership and superior-subordinate relations
  • Internal communications


  • On-the-job-learning
  • Job rotation
  • Internal and external training
  • Networks

Monetary rewarding

  • Salary
  • Allowances
  • Incentives and bonuses
  • Initiative fees
  • Fees for employee inventions

Staff and fringe benefits

  • Sickness funds and insurances
  • Occupational health care
  • Staff canteen
  • Staff shop
  • Sports vouchers and other ways to support spare time activities
  • Staff events and parties