Raw materials


Raisio’s products are made of responsibly produced raw materials. Sustainable raw material choices and the commitment of the supply chain to our Code of Conduct promote the responsibility of the whole food chain. Transparency and traceability of raw material purchasing as well as responsible production of raw materials are important to us.

Most of Raisio’s raw materials are acquired from Northern and Central Europe. Raisio’s most significant raw material group is grains. 95 per cent of our grains are acquired from Finland, mainly directly from farmers.

We are committed to using non-GMO raw materials.

Palm oil

We use only sustainable, RSPO certified palm oil in our food products. Raisio has been a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2011.


Raisio uses soy mainly in fish feeds. We are committed to using only ProTerra or RTRS certified soy.


Our goal is that cocoa used in all our branded products is certified by the end of 2018. In 2017, we started to use UTZ certified cocoa in our Elovena, Nalle, Sunnuntai and Provena products.

Fishmeal and oil

Origin of the fishmeal and oil used in fish feeds is always known and no endangered fish species are used in the manufacturing of these feeds. We primarily used fishmeal made of the Baltic herring and sprat. According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland, strong herring and sprat stocks in the Baltic Sea have been found to be sustainable, so the local feed production is not harmful to natural fish stocks.

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