Product safety

Raisio is responsible for ensuring that its products are safe and in accordance with regulations and that our customers and consumers are provided with sufficient and correct product information.

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands as well as an active developer of sustainable food chain. Already in the product development stage, we ensure product conformity with laws, determine needed information related to raw and packing materials, and conduct all necessary tests. In the production stage, we secure safe quality and regulation conformity of products through various quality assurance measures. Traceability is part of product safety. Clear product descriptions and labelling make sure that necessary information is delivered to our customers and consumers.

Raisio employees active in specialist work

Raisio's employees work as experts in areas such as product safety related law drafting in Finland and in several cooperation organisations of the industry at the European level. This allows us to provide valuable practical information on issues such as the applicability of regulations. It is necessary to constantly follow the development in order to make sure that production processes are ready for new solutions.

Extensive certifications

All Raisio's operations in Finland are within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. In addition, we use food safety standards at our food production plants in order to ensure continuous improvement in product safety and to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. All our food production plants are certified in accordance with the Global Standard for Food Safety released by the British Retail Consortium, BRC.

The BRC certification is monitored through Raisio's internal audits as well as by an independent external auditor. One of its principles is a particularly strong goal of continuous improvement.

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