Notification of managers’ and their closely associated persons’ transactions to the Financial Supervisory Authority as of 3 July 2016 

As of 3 July the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR, EU No 596/2014) requires Raisio plc’s managers and their closely associated persons to notify the Financial Supervisory Authority and Raisio plc about the transactions they have made with the shares, debt instruments, derivatives or other financial instruments of Raisio plc.

Instructions for submitting the transaction notification 

According to MAR, the notification to  the Financial Supervisory Authority and Raisio plc must be submitted without delay and no later than three (3) business days after the date of the transaction. Raisio plc’s guideline is that the notification shall be submitted no later than on the following day of the transaction. 

1.Fill in the transaction notification form

The form is available at: 

Save the form in your computer by clicking on the right mouse button on top of the link and selecting “Save as”.


You will need the following information to complete the form

Raisio plc’s LEI code:
Trading symbols of Raisio plc shares:
free share: RAIVV
restricted share: RAIKV
ISIN codes of Raisio plc shares:
free share: FI0009002943
restricted share: FI0009800395
Notification reference number:

automatically generated (so does not need to be added)


2. Send the filled form to the Financial Supervisory  Authority and to Raisio plc immediately after the transaction is completed

Do not send the form by post because of the short time frame!

  • Sending to the Financial Supervisory Authority: 
    Go to address and send the form as a secured e-mail to johdonkaupat(at)


  • Sending to Raisio plc:
    Send the form to johdonliiketoimet(at) 
    Include your phone number in the e-mail so that you may be reached, in case there are any questions related to your notification.


In case you have any problems or queries related to the notification, please call the Financial Supervisory Authority, tel. +358 9 183 51 or contact the company at johdonliiketoimet(at)

3. Raisio plc publishes the notification in a stock exchange release

Published notifications by managers and their closely associated persons’ transactions as of 3 July 2016 are available here.

Privacy statement is available here

Further information

Further information on the regulation concerning the notifications of managers' and their closely associated persons' transactions is available at the Financial Supervisory Authority's pages.