Hercules product line combines production efficiency, high quality, ecological aspects and values consistent with sustainable development. The feeds are environmentally friendly and studies have shown that by using them in rainbow trout farming, the phosphorus load is reduced by 26 per cent.

Rainbow trout and whitefish farmed in Finland has been added on the WWF's green list

In the feeding concept based on the Hercules feeds, fish oil used in feeds is replaced by rapeseed oil. This means that the amount of wild fish used through raw materials in fish farming can be halved from previous levels.

Hercules OPTI feed used in the final growth stage of fish farming optimises EPA and DHA fatty acids at the levels that are healthy for humans. With correct dosage, it is possible to achieve the net output principle of fish protein and fat.

Several Raisio’s fish feed innovations have reduced the environmental impacts of fish farming. WWF Finland added Finnish farmed rainbow trout on the green list of its Seafood Guide in 2014 and Finnish farmed whitefish in 2016.