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Environmental work of Raisioagro and fish industry rewarded

Last week, Finnish rainbow trout was added on the WWF's Seafood Guide list of recommended and sustainable choices. As the only Finnish fish feed producer, Raisioagro has been involved, together with fish farmers, in the long-term development work to reduce environmental impacts of rainbow trout feeds and to ensure sustainable development.

To have Finnish rainbow trout included on the green list of WWF's Seafood Guide is a significant achievement for fish farmers and their representative body The Finnish Fish Farmers' Association. The load of fish farming has been halved in just over ten years, the amount of fish raw materials needed in farming have decreased significantly and traceability of the raw materials has improved. These were among the most important reasons behind this achievement. The green list position also directs Finnish rainbow trout farmers to continue to maintain high quality of fish products.

Raisioagro is a definite forerunner in the field of fish feeds and it has, together with fish farmers, developed more environmentally friendly feeds and feeding methods. In 2009, Raisioagro launched a feed containing phytase enzyme called Hercules LP, which is proven to reduce the phosphorus emissions from rainbow trout farming by 26 per cent. In 2013, Raisioagro launched the Hercules LP Opti concept: the feed used at the initial stage of fish growth contains more rapeseed oil whereas the feed used at the final stage contains more fish oil. Due to Opti, rainbow farming produces more fish protein and oil than is consumed in the process.

Excellent fatty acids in Finnish rainbow trout!

Rainbow trout farmed in Finland is top-class health food with its high quality and fatty acid composition in line with nutrition recommendations. These are increasingly important factors affecting consumers' choices. Now it is time to eat Finnish rainbow trout fed with Hercules LP Opti.

The article was first published in Raisio's blog Vastuullinen ruoka on 21 March 2014.