Environmental responsibility

In the food chain, several factors affect environmental responsibility as food travels from field to table. Food has an impact on the environment even when ending up as waste. As a food producer and significant user of plant-based raw materials, Raisio has the desire and opportunity to further strengthen the sustainability of the food chain.

Measuring, reporting and result assessment of Raisio's own operations show necessary development priorities and guide our operational activities. Raisio's two environmental priorities are reducing energy usage and improving material efficiency.

Raisio's work for the environmentally responsible food chain is not limited to the development of our own processes. We also aim to affect the food chain's environmental responsibility in the primary production, by, among other things, supporting the contract farmers with farming guidance services. By labelling our products with carbon and water footprints, we can provide valuable information to support the purchasing choices of environmentally aware consumers.

Foodstuffs account for 20-30% of the environmental impacts of total consumption in Europe. With population growth, demand for food will triple globally over the next decades so it matters what we eat.

Read more about our environmental responsibility in our Corporate Responsibility Report.