Elovena is an iconic brand loved by the Finns and a brand whose origin is known. Finns think that Elovena is one of the foods that best describes the Finnishness. Elovena is perceived as a healthy brand with high quality.

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In Finland, Elovena is one of Raisio's focus brands; the company is investing in Elovena now and in the future. Elovena has successfully grown by expanding its product line; in addition to the traditional Elovena Oat Flakes, the line now includes other grain products too, such as instant porridges, snack biscuits and snack drinks.

All Elovena products with oat have several health benefits in a naturally delicious form. Elovena is always a healthier alternative in its category. Oat in Elovena products is 100% Finnish and the product manufacturing takes place in Finland when possible: 98% of Elovena products are made in Finland. The world's first carbon and water footprint labels were seen on Elovena Oat Flakes packages.

Elovena supports the Elovena Power Day campaign arranged by the Finnish Athletics Federation (Suomen Urheiluliitto, SUL). The campaign aims to increase the physical activity and well-being of Finnish children. We have organised these fun sport events for primary pupils together with SUL throughout Finland already since 2007.