Benecol® is the original expert in cholesterol-lowering

Raisio's top innovation Benecol® created the category of cholesterol-lowering functional foods. Benecol is a forerunner in commercialisation of product innovations. Benecol products are sold in almost 30 countries.

Benecol® is a brand of clinically-proven cholesterol lowering products. The efficacy of Benecol products has been proven in over 70 scientific studies. The strong  EU disease health claim is used  in the marketing of Benecol products. Benecol has helped tens of millions of people lower their blood cholesterol levels and this way, affected their cardiovascular health.

Today's consumers are more interested than ever before in getting health benefits from the foods they eat. Benecol® meets consumer needs by delivering products with effective and easy cholesterol reduction that enhances heart health and wellbeing.

Nearly half of the population have elevated cholesterol levels

Benecol created a cholesterol-lowering functional food market twenty years ago and now the market is worth about EUR 2.5 billion a year according to Euromonitor. 

In industrialised countries, more than half of adults have elevated blood cholesterol levels. At the same time, consumers are increasingly interested in promoting health and take more responsibility for their own wellbeing. As part of a healthy diet, Benecol meets well consumer needs.

Most of Benecol product users are in the UK, where a lot of determined work has long been done for the brand. Benecol has kept its market leader position in cholesterol-lowering yogurt drinks for several years. Raisio carefully listens to consumers and wants to be a trendsetter in cholesterol-lowering foods also in the future.

Raisio and its licensing partners constantly seek new markets for Benecol. In 2015, the Benecol products were launched in South Korea and China. 

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