Benecol business model

Global Benecol business

Raisio's Benecol business consists of two parts: sales and marketing of consumer products, and licensing and partner cooperation in Benecol product ingredient, plant stanol ester. Benecol products are available in some 30 countries. 

Europe remains the largest and most significant market for cholesterol-lowering Benecol products. Home markets for Raisio's Benecol consumer products include the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Hong Kong. 

In its home markets, Raisio is in charge of product development, production, sales and marketing of the Benecol products. Yoghurt drinks and margarines are the most significant product groups in Raisio's home markets for Benecol consumer products

The only global brand in its class available for licencing

Raisio licenses the Benecol® brand and sells the unique ingredient – Plant stanol ester – to food, beverage and supplement companies. Raisio produces plant stanol ester and delivers it to the partners, who add it to their final product.At Raisio, we provide our partners with a recognised Benecol brand and our support in several areas from regulatory affairs and product development to sales and marketing. 

Of the top consumer brands present in this category, only Benecol is available for licensing. It is a ready-made solution and our market partners benefit from Raisio's expertise as well as from a brand that is globally trusted by millions of consumers. 

Raisio has some twenty Beneceol licensing partners around the world. The most recent launches are made in South Korea and China. Raisio continues its active efforts to open new Benecol markets, particularly together with its partners in Asia.