Raisio Group


Esa Kailiala and Kimmo Antonen, authorised public accountants, acted as regular auditors for the financial year 2019 and will act for 2020 as well. Niklas Oikia, authorised public accountant and KPMG Oy Ab, auditing company are acting as deputy auditors.

The auditors provide the Board and CEO with a summary of the corporate audit. In addition, the auditors for the Group companies submit separate reports to the management of each company. The auditors report on their activities and observations to Raisio plc’s Board of Directors and participate meetings of the Audit Committee. The auditors give the shareholders an annual auditors’ report on the financial statements as required by law.

Fees for statutory auditing amounted to EUR 177,935 in 2019. In addition, Raisio purchased other services from KPMG Oy Ab and its associates for a total of EUR 67,502.