Raisio's Annual General Meeting 2019

Raisio plc’s Annual General Meeting is planned to be held on Tuesday, 19 March, 2019. 

A shareholder has the right to request a matter on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting on the basis of Chapter 5, Section 5 of the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act. The proposal accompanied by justification and a draft resolution shall be made in writing and delivered no later than Monday, 21 January, 2019 to:

Raisio plc
Attn. Secretary of the Board
P.O. Box 101
FI-21201 Raisio, Finland 

(visiting address: Raisionkaari 55, 21200 Raisio, Finland)

The notice to attend the Annual General Meeting is estimated to be published as a stock exchange release and on the company’s web site in week 7/2019.