Share Capital and share classes

The fully paid-up share capital of Raisio plc is EUR 27,776,072.91, which on 31 December 2019 was divided into 31,454,968 restricted shares (series K) and 133,694,062 free shares (series V). No nominal value is quoted for the shares. Restricted shares accounted for 19.0% of the share capital and 82.5% of the votes, while the corresponding figures for free shares were 81.0% and 17.5% (on 31 December 2019). The company's minimum share capital is EUR 25,000,000 and maximum share capital EUR 100,000,000. The share capital can be raised or lowered within these limits without amending the Articles of Association. There were no changes in the share capital during 2019. The company has not issued securities that entitle the holder to shares.  

Raisio plc’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (hereafter: Stock Exchange) in the public trading under the sector Consumer Goods and sub-industry of Food Products. The company’s free shares are quoted in the Mid Cap segment and its restricted shares on the Prelist. The trading code for free shares is RAIVV and the ISIN code FI 0009002943, and for restricted shares RAIKV and FI 0009800395. The company’s shares have been entered into the book-entry system.

Free and restricted shares have an equal entitlement to equity and profits. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), each restricted share entitles the holder to 20 votes and each free share to one vote. At the AGM, no shareholder’s shares are entitled to vote with more votes than one tenth of the total number of votes of the shares represented at the Meeting.

The assignment of restricted shares must be approved by the Board of Directors (Board). The approval is required even if the party who the shares are assigned to already owns restricted shares in the company. The approval must be given if the share recipient is a natural person whose primary occupation is farming. If the approval is not given, the Board must convert the assigned restricted share into a free share.

The Board may also convert restricted shares into free shares on request and likewise give advance information on whether the applicant will be granted permission to acquire restricted shares. In 2019, a total of 336,202 restricted shares were converted into free shares. In the book-entry system, restricted shares for which the approval procedure is in progress or the approval has not been sought, will be retained on the waiting list until they are entered as restricted shares in the share register following approval, assigned to another shareholder or converted into free shares. There were 8.0 million restricted shares on the waiting list on 31 December 2019.