Innovations that support wellbeing, sustainable raw materials and competence in the food chain are in the heart of our operations. Our key responsibility themes include sustainable food chain, healthier food and workplace safety and wellbeing.

Our growth path to become a forerunner in responsibility

It has always been important for us to take care of the planet and makers of good food. Responsible food, made of sustainably produced raw materials, is healthy and environmentally friendly. Our Good Food Plan 2019 - 2023 sets ambitious goals for our responsibility work.



Key targets of the Good Food Plan 2019 - 2023

Environmentally friendly packages

Our goal is for all our consumer packaging to be recyclable by the end of 2023. The goal is to continuously reduce the amount of packaging plastic with the long-term goal of completely ceasing the use of plastic packages.

Healthy food

We make genuinely healthy food. In 2023, 80 per cent of our products will be healthy alternatives in their own categories.​

Food professionals

We strive for an excellent employee experience with support for healthy lifestyle. We enjoy our work at Raisio.​

Climate change and carbon neutrality

We aim to have carbon neutral production by 2023. We continue our ambitious work to reduce our carbon footprint.​

Sustainable food

​We promote the responsibility of our entire supply chain and expect commitment to respect human rights.