Raisio to phase out plastic packaging by the end of 2023  

Raisio will be among the first food companies to abandon plastic packaging. Raisio also aims to have all its consumer packages to be fully recyclable. 

It is Raisio’s ambitious goal to phase out the plastic packaging in its consumer products by the end of 2023. Raisio will also ensure all consumer packaging will be recyclable. In addition, clearer recycling instructions on the packagings will help consumers recycle more effectively. These goals and actions continue Raisio’s long-term, goal-oriented work to promote the food chain responsibility. 

More than half of Raisio’s consumer packages are already made of paper or cardboard. For example, all Elovena flakes and instant porridges are in packages suitable for cardboard recycling and Sunnuntai flour products are packed in eco-friendly paper bags. 

– We are gradually abandoning plastic packaging. At first, we will invest in the recyclability of our plastic packaging and reduce the amount of plastic. Our main goal is to completely stop the use of plastic packaging in our consumer products by the end of 2023, says Pekka Kuusniemi, Raisio’s President and CEO. 

Consumers wants the industry to reduce plastic packaging 

According to a report published by the European Commission, 94 per cent of European consumers think the industry and retailers should try to reduce the plastic packaging. Raisio wants to be among the first to respond to consumers’ wishes.

– Our packaging goal is ambitious because we genuinely care about the future of the Earth and want to contribute to the sustainability of the food chain.  We want to be a trailblazer in the entire sector. Since our goal is challenging, we cannot achieve it alone. We challenge the packaging industry to develop cardboard-based packaging, particularly for foods traditionally packed in plastic, says Kuusniemi. 

Raisio’s Purpose “Food for Health, Heart and Earth" drives the company to develop its activities to become more and more environmentally friendly. The development of eco-friendly packaging is part of Raisio’s new Good Food Plan setting goals for the Group’s responsibility work over the years 2019-2023.