News Archive 2015

Raisio to remodel its UK Cereal & Snack business

Raisio has completed the consultation process started at the beginning of October 2015 regarding the future of its Southall factory in the UK. At the beginning of 2016, part of the Southall production will be transferred to Raisio's Newport site and part will be outsourced.

Halo Foods launch Harvest Cheweee Fruit & Oat Bites

Harvest Cheweee is expanding its cereal bar range with the launch of Fruit & Oat Bites, a healthier fruit-based snack created to keep on-the-go-children fuller for longer.

CEO Matti Rihko's review Q3/2015

Raisio's strong performance continued in the third quarter of 2015. Raisio's EBIT of 16 million euros excluding one-off items is the company's best ever quarterly result.

New Benella rainbow trout help save the environment

Benella Rainbow trout is fish raised by Finnish farmers and fed with Raisioaqua's unique feed innovation. Global wild fish stocks are protected with the help of the feeding concept behind Benella.

Benemilk patents granted first in South Africa

Three initial Benemilk patents have been granted in South Africa. They are the world's first patents granted for Benemilk. In other countries, processes related to Benemilk patent applications are still pending.

CEO Matti Rihko's review Q2/2015

"Raisio continued its strong performance in an intense competitive situation. Raisio's EBIT of EUR 14 million is the fourth consecutive quarterly result better than the comparison period and also the best quarterly result for the current Raisio.

Benecol launch in China

Raisio's new Benecol partner Neptunus is launching Benecol powdered drink in China. This expansion to the world's most populated country supports Raisio's aim to open up new markets for Benecol products together with its licensing partners.

CEO Matti Rihko's review for Q1/2015

Raisio's first quarter EBIT of EUR 9.6 million is over four million euros and 78% higher than a year ago.

Chief Executive's review for 2014

At Raisio, the year 2014 was twofold. Weak performance at the beginning of the year was exceptional but we were able to correct the situation quickly during the second half of 2014. In the last two quarters, Raisio reached higher EBIT than in the comparative periods, which shows that we are back on improving trend.

Benecol products launched in South Korea

Raisio's Benecol partner in Korea, Lotte Foods Co. Ltd., has launched Benecol® yogurt drinks in the form of Health Functional Food in South Korea. The Benecol product launch in South Korea supports Raisio's aim to expand into new markets particularly in Asia and South America.