Elovena is Finland’s third most sustainable brand

Elovena was selected the Finland's third most sustainable brand in the Sustainable Brand Index study. 

- We are grateful for the recognition. We have made naturally healthy products of Finnish oats already for 95 years, and will continue to promote the sustainable Finnish food chain in our daily work, says Mervi Nieminen, marketing manager for Elovena products.

A few examples of the Elovena brand’s responsibility work:

  • We buy Finnish oats for Elovena products directly from farmers.
  • Our contract farmers grow Elovena oats mainly in Southern Finland and the journey of oats to the mill is less than a hundred kilometres on average. 
  • The good nutritional properties of Finnish oats make Elovena products naturally healthy. 80 per cent of our products have The Heart Symbol for their healthiness.
  • All Elovena packaging is recyclable and up to 90 per cent paper or cardboard.  
  • In most of our Elovena snack biscuits, we have replaced palm oil with rapeseed oil during the last year and we will abandon palm oil in all our snack biscuits. We only use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.
  • We only use UTZ certified cocoa in Elovena instant oatmeals and snack biscuits. By using UTZ certified cocoa, we can support responsible cocoa farming.
  • We calculated the carbon footprint of Elovena oat flakes more than ten years ago, among the first in the world. 


Elovena is a brand owned by the Raisio Group. The Good Food Plan defines the targets and measures for Raisio’s responsibility work for 2019 - 2023. Raisio’s goals include carbon-neutral own production, abandoning plastic packaging, increasing the number of healthy products to 80 per cent of the portfolio, and supply chain responsibility. More information on Raisio’s responsibility work:

Finns also find other Raisio Group’s brands sustainable. In the study, Raisio ranked 26th, Sunnuntai 56th, Benecol 60th and Torino 108th.  
The Sustainable Brand Index study is a Nordic brand study on sustainability, organised annually. This year, 9,500 Finns participated in the study and 195 brands were evaluated.

More about Elovena products and sustainability: