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Contact us

Raisio's email addresses are formed like this: forename.surname(at)

If you didn't find the information you were looking for from our website, please send us feedback or an email to address: communications(at)

Raisio plc

Head office (Group Management)
Postal address: P.O. Box 101, FI-21201 Raisio, Finland
Street address: Raisionkaari 55, FI-21200 Raisio
Tel. +358 2 443 2111 


Invoicing address and Business ID

Invoicing address: P.O.Box 200, FI-21201 Raisio

Please make sure that the invoice is addressed to the right company:

  • Raisio plc, Business ID 0664032-4 
  • Raisio Nutrition Ltd, Business ID 2134115-4
  • Raisioaqua Ltd. Business ID 2914369-7
  • Raisionkaari Industrial Park Ltd., Business ID 2134113-8