Innovations that support wellbeing, sustainable raw materials and competence in the food chain are in the heart of our operations. Our key responsibility themes include sustainable food chain, healthier food and workplace safety and wellbeing.

Raw materials


Raisio mainly uses plant-based raw materials purchased close to the company's production plants when possible. 

Transparency and traceability of raw material purchasing as well as responsible production of raw materials are important to Raisio. Responsible purchasing has an important bearing on the social and environmental effects of the raw material supply chain. It also ensures high-quality raw materials. Grain, rapeseed and sugar accounted for over 80 per cent of all raw materials used by Raisio in 2016.

Raisio uses soy mainly in fish feeds. We are committed to using 100% ProTerra or RTRS certified soy.

We use only sustainable, certified palm oil in our food products. Raisio has been a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2011. Palm oil used in Raisio's own branded products account for about one per cent of all raw materials. 

By 2018, only UTZ certified cocoa will be used in Raisio's food products. 

Raisio's raw materials are non-GMO.

Read more abour our responsible purchasing principles and targets in our Corporate Responsibility Report