Raisioagro combines cattle and fish feeds, grain trade and farming supplies in a cost-effective service package. Raisioagro aims to be the leading operator in the agricultural sectors where success is based on innovations and on expertise in feeding and plant cultivation.

Benemilk dairy cattle feeds are Raisio's top innovation. Raisioagro works determinedly to promote the Benemilk innovation in Finland.

Raisioagro's core activities include strong feeding know-how, safe and ecological feeds as well as solid expertise in contract farming and grain trade. Cost-effective operations are based on direct customer relationships, strategic partnerships and effective structure as well as on online sales potential.

We are actively developing our versatile cooperation since in the food and agricultural sectors, the focus remains on the environmental impact and traceability. As the only Finnish fish feed producer Raisioagro has developed, together with fish farmers and research institutes, a concept called Hercules Opti, which reduces the environmental impact of fish farming. At the beginning of 2014, WWF added farmed rainbow trout fed with Hercules on its Seafood Guide list of recommended and sustainable choices.

Customers have the feeding and cultivation expertise of Raisioagro's specialists at their disposal. Our customers are mainly grain, dairy and fish farms in Finland and in Russia.

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