What is a water footprint label?

Raisio's water footprint label indicates how much water is used in the production of 100 grams of a given product. In Raisio's water label, "blue" and "green" water are included in the total water volume used to produce a product. Blue water is surface or ground water and green water is rainwater.

In Finland, there is only one food product available equipped with a water footprint label: Elovena Oat Flakes. Raisio was the first in the world to add a water footprint label on a food package.

Did you know?

  • Total water consumption of an apple: 70 litres/100g
  • Total water consumption of Elovena Oat Flakes: 101 litres/100g
  • Total water consumption of beef: 1,600 litres/100g