Carbon and water footprints indicate the impacts of products and services on the environment. You too have your own carbon and water footprint and you can affect their size with the choices you make. Plant-based food has a smaller carbon and water footprint. The place of production and production method also affect the food's footprint.

Elovena oat flakes is the world's first CO and H₂O labelled food product.

As a European forerunner and first in Finland, Raisio added a carbon footprint label on its product packages. Raisio was also the first food company in the world to add an H₂O label to product packaging, indicating the total water consumption of the product. Footprint calculation has helped Raisio to identify development targets in its production processes.

Did you know?

  • Carbon footprint calculation of Elovena snack drink Aurinkoinen resulted in improved energy efficiency of the factory.
  • Production enhancement at Raisio's UK snack bar factories reduced their carbon footprint.
  • Direct and indirect CO2e emissions of Raisio's Finnish operations have been declining constantly since 2011.