Raisio plc is the most profitable listed food company in Finland. Agribusiness is also an important part of the Group. Raisio has been able to improve its dividend for nine consecutive years, which shows the company's ability to grow organically and through acquisitions. Raisio is also known for its innovations, the latest of which is Benemilk® cattle feed.

Raisio's half-year financial report 2017

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Outlook for 2017

For the full year 2017, Raisio estimates its comparable EBIT to be approximately EUR 45 million.

The outlook revision was due to the prolonged commercial and production challenges, lower than expected profitability and the weakening of the pound against the euro. Exchange rates will continue to significantly affect Raisio’s EBIT.

In line with the renewed strategy, Raisio continues to invest in brands, product concepts, sales&marketing and to streamline its operations.

Investor Relations

Raisio Group, Communications and IR manager Heidi Hirvonen, tel. +358 50 567 3060. E-mail: heidi.hirvonen(at)

Raisio plc, Half-year Financial Report January - June 2017

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