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Elovena is Finland’s third most sustainable brand

Elovena was selected the Finland's third most sustainable brand in the Sustainable Brand Index study. We have made naturally healthy products of Finnish oats already for 95 years, and will continue to promote the sustainable Finnish food chain in our daily work.

Raisio plc's AGM cancelled, new AGM will be convened later

Based on the announcement by the Finnish Government on the coronavirus situation, Raisio plc has decided to cancel the Annual General Meeting called to convene 24 March 2020. Raisio plc’s Board will convene the Annual General Meeting at a later stage.

Raisio's Financial Statements Bulletin 2019

Raisio stabilised its core business operations and achieved profitable growth in 2019. President and CEO Pekka Kuusniemi writes about the highlights of 2019 in his review.

The 95-year-old Elovena girl gets updated and travels abroad

The appearance of the Elovena brand will be updated in 2020. The changes are driven by Raisio’s goal to increase its international oat business. The new Elovena is a contemporary, brave, Finnish brand that offers naturally healthy oat products in Finland and, from now on, in European markets as well.

Raisio's oat production is ready to respond to the growth in international demand

Raisio Group is proceeding in terms of the building of its international oat business activities. Investments of some eight million euros, which were made in the oat mill located in Nokia, Finland, will facilitate the export of Finnish oat products and manufacturing of value-added products.

Q3/2019: Oat and fish feed as the driving force behind Raisio’s strong growth

Raisio's third quarter was strong. Net sales increased by nearly 10% and EBIT improved by nearly 40%. Raisio determinedly continued to implement the strategy.

The foundations of Raisio’s new production facility have been laid

In July, Raisio initiated the construction work on its new production facility, intended for the development and manufacturing of new plant-based value added products. The foundations of the facility were laid in Raisio on 9 September 2019.

Q2/2019: Raisio’s net sales increased and EBIT improved

In Raisio's new strategy, the defined theme for 2019 is to ensure the growth and profitability of the core business.

Raisio to invest EUR 45 million in the growth of healthy foods

Raisio is investing an estimated EUR 45 million in the production facility developing and manufacturing plant-based added value products.

Plant stanols may help alleviate asthma symptoms

Plant stanol ester, the active ingredient of Benecol products, is proven to lower cholesterol. Plant stanols may also have other health benefits. A new study examines whether plant stanols can alleviate some symptoms of asthma.

Q1/2019: Net sales decline stopped

Raisio started the implementation of its new strategy, net sales decline stopped. The Group’s net sales totalled EUR 49.9 (49.7) million. Comparable EBIT was EUR 5.0 (6.3) million, accounting for 10.0 (12.6) % of net sales.

Raisio Group’s carbon dioxide emissions down by 75%

In 2018, the Raisio Group significantly reduced its carbon dioxide emissions. Total CO2 emissions were down by 75 per cent from the previous year. The company’s industrial area in Raisio is already carbon neutral. Raisio aims to be fully carbon-neutral in its own production by 2023.

Annual Review 2018 published

The Annual Review includes the Corporate Responsibility Report, Remuneration Statement and Corporate Governance Statement.

Raisio and Dr. Schär signed a strategic alliance

Raisio has signed an agreement on a strategic alliance with the Italian company Dr. Schär AG. Dr. Schär is a leading global company in gluten-free foods while Raisio is a forerunner in cholesterol-lowering functional foods and an innovative expert in Finnish oats.