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Raisio Group starts statutory cooperation negotiations

Raisio Group’s structural changes started with the divestment of the confectionery business in December 2017. Furthermore, Raisio announced in its Stock Exchange Releases of 31 January 2018 to consider the divestment of its feed businesses as one strategic alternative and to renew the Group structure. To ensure its competitiveness and profitability, Raisio will start cooperation negotiations concerning 115 employees on 5 February 2018. 

Initial estimate of the reduction need is 30 persons. The cooperation negotiations concern the Group services as well as marketing, product development and service functions of the new Healthy Food Division. Raisioagro, the new Healthy Food Division’s mills and Finnish sales as well as the production of plant stanol ester, the Benecol product ingredient, are not within the negotiations. 

The negotiations concern possible terminations, combinations and restructuring of functions and duties. The aim is to complete the negotiations during March 2018. At the end of 2017, Raisio’s Finnish operations employed a total of 325 people.