Juicee Gummee

JUICEE GUMMEE is a young juicy brand of jelly candies and extruded soft candies. Juicee Gummee offers top quality products with delicious taste powered by fruit juice content.

High-quality, tasty and favourably priced Juicee Gummee jelly candies and extruded soft candies are sold under their own label in the Czech Republic and under private labels to customers all over the globe.

The Juicee Gummee range offers solutions for almost every demand. It includes a wide range of products, flavours and shapes as well as many packaging types from retail packaging to bulk packaging. Both the jelly range and the new range of extruded fruit pencils and belts are available in many markets.

JUICEE GUMMEE is one of the famous brands of Candy Plus in the Czech Republic. The confectionery company was acquired by Raisio in November 2012 to complement its UK confectionery business.