Raisio Group

The important years of Raisio


Wheat farmers found a milling company and build a mill.

1948- 1950

Production expands to include manufacture of feeds, malts and oil milling.

1956- 1957

Margarine production begins. Merchants and bakery operators join the farmers as part-owners of the company.


A wheat starch factory is constructed. The Group's Chemicals Division's business takes off.

1988 - 1989

The company is listed on the Helsinki Exchanges.


A important segment of Finland's milling industry fuses to form Melia Ltd.


The Chemicals Division expands to Canada and the UK, and the Margarine Division to Poland and then to Sweden the following year. Benecol margarine is introduced in Finland.


Benecol attracts international attention. Raisio's ownership internationalizes.

1997 - 1998

Raisio concludes an agreement with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of US-based Johnson & Johnson, for international marketing of Benecol products.


Deliveries of Benecol products to Britain, the USA, Ireland and the Benelux countries begin.


Raisio Chemicals and French Rhodia found a joint venture, Latexia for the production and marketing of latex.


Raisio's new vision and strategy is approved. Operations are organized in three business sectors: Raisio Chemicals, Raisio Nutrition and Raisio Life Sciences.


Rationalization of margarine industry is started. Raisio Chemicals invests in China and  acquisition of Latexia is completed.


Acquisition of Diffchamb. Raisio Nutrition and Raisio Chemicals start a rationalization programme. Grain Starch business is decided to close down. 


Margarine production starts up in Russia and closes down in Sweden. Raisio Nutrition's cooperation with the Swedish food group Cerealia is deepened. Vision and strategy is reassessed and a decision to sell Raisio Chemicals to Ciba Specialty Chemicals is made. The new Group strategy is built on expertise in well-being.


Raisio Group plc is renamed to Raisio plc. Elovena brand's 80th anniversary and Benecol brand's 10th anniversary. GoGreen joint venture with Cerealia is established.


Production of soy-oat based fresh products starts up in Turku. Benecol products are launched in Turkey. Operations are organized in four divisions: Food, Feed & Malt, Ingredients and Diagnostics.


Divestment of the diagnostics and the food potato businesses. Sunnuntai brand's 40th anniversary. The Finnish food brand portfolio is reformed. Raisio to gain additional rights to Benecol brand from its partner McNeil.


A new label indicating the CO2 emissions to Elovena oat flakes package is introduced. Benecol products are launched on the Asian market. The European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) positive scientific opinion on a disease risk reduction health claim of plant stanol ester is issued. The Ministry of Heath of the People's Republic of China's approval to plant stanol ester is given. Elovena products are launched in Poland, Sweden and Estonia.


Raisio's 70th anniversary. Plant stanol ester is selected as one of the ten greatest discoveries in nutrition worldwide in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. H2O label to Elovena oat flakes package, indicating the total water consumption of the product is introduced. CO2e label to Elovena snack drink and biscuits is added. Hercules LP fish feed is launched. It reduces the phosphorus load of waterways by 26%. Decision to sell the margarine business to Bunge Limited is made.


Acquisition of Glisten Ltd. Benecol products are launched on the Romanian market. A new colour-coded CO2e-label on food products. An agreement on the use of domestic rapeseed oil surplus as raw material for renewable diesel is made with Neste Oil. Carbon footprints of feeds are calculated. Benecol products 15 years in the markets. Elovana brand's 85th anniversary.


Acquisition of Big Bear Ltd. New study is published: The cholesterol-lowering ingredient of Benecol products, plant stanol ester, shows double maximal cholesterol-lowering efficacy compared to plant sterol ester. Divestment of the malt business.


Raisioagro is formed. Acquisition of Sulma sp. z o.o pasta and buckwheat groats operations. Acquisition of Candy Plus.


Benemilk feeds are launched in Finland. Joint venture Benemilk Ltd is established with Intellectual Ventures and it files international patent applications related to the Benemilk invention. Divestment of the non-dairy business. US esterification plant is sold. New GRAS status for plant stanol ester of Benecol products. Benecol products are launched on the Hong Kong and Philippines market.


Raisio's 75th anniversary. Benemilk Ltd files a United States patent application for a Finnish fish feed invention and is starting the commercialisation of the invention in the USA. Benecol products are launched in Brazil. Raisio acquired Benecol business from affiliates of Johnson & Johnson. 


Elovana brand's 90th anniversary. Benecol products are launched in South Korea and China. Sulma pasta and buckwheat groats operations is sold. Benella rainbow trout are launched to Finnish consumers. Benecol products 20 years in the markets.


UK Snack Bar business is sold. Honey Monster brand is licensed. Patent for Benemilk feeds is granded in Finland and New Zealand. Benemilk Ltd's operations are reduced. Benecol Soft Chew food supplement are launched in Finland, Poland, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Baltic Blend fish feeds are launched. 


A bioenergy plant is built in company's industrial area in Raisio and the area is now carbon neutral. The focus of Raisio’s renewed strategy is on wellbeing and sustainable growth. Pekka Kuusniemi is appointed as CEO. Divestment of the Confectionery business.


Cattle feed business divested
Raisio's Purpose was defined: Food for Health, Heart and Earth. 
Healthy Growth Strategy 2019 - 2021 and Good Food Plan corporate responsibility programme 2019 - 2023 launched


Raisio decided to invest into a new production facility developing and manufacturing plant-based added value products. Construction work for the new production facility in the company’s carbon-neutral industrial area in Raisio was started during summer. Raisio estimates that the first products made in the new factory are available in stores during 2021.

Raisio invested in modernisation of production and in increasing the capacity of the Nokia mill. This investment facilitates the production of gluten-free oat products.


Renewal of the 95 year old Elovena brand

Benecol 25 years