CEO Matti Rihko's review for 2015

"Raisio achieved EBIT of EUR 51.7 million excluding one-off items in 2015. At the same time, the Group's EBIT margin excluding one-off items rose to 9.9 per cent. EBIT improved by nearly 17 million euros and EBIT margin by almost three percentage points, which is a strong performance in a difficult market situation. 

Good results together with efficient net working capital management ensured operating cash flow of EUR 65 million.

The key factor in Raisio's profit improvement was the acquisition of Benecol consumer product business in the UK, Ireland and Belgium in November 2014. The largest market for Benecol products is the UK, where Raisio increased its marketing efforts according to plan and, as a result, Benecol product sales turned into organic growth. The growth is expected to continue this year. 

At the end of 2015, Benemilk had its first Primafat order. Benemilk is no longer a pre-revenue company. In addition, the first patents were obtained in 2015."