Raisio to build a bioenergy plant in Finland

Raisio Group will build a bioenergy plant in its industrial area in Raisio. In the new facility, industrial steam and district heating used in the company's operations and sold to other operators in the area will be produced with wood chips. The value of the investment is approximately eight million euros and the employment effect throughout the value chain 30-40 jobs. With its own bioenergy plant, Raisio will take a big step toward carbon neutrality. 

Construction of its own bioenergy plant for the production of steam and district heating used in Raisio's industrial area is part of the company's goal to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy whenever it is ecologically and economically viable. The new bioenergy plant will be fuelled with locally produced wood chips from forestry societies and other suppliers. The 9.5 MW bioenergy plant will use an average of three truckloads of wood chips per day. Construction work is scheduled to begin in winter 2016 and the facility will be launched during the spring 2017. 

With the investment, carbon dioxide emissions from the products made using heat energy generated in Raisio's industrial area will be reduced significantly. Steam loss in heat energy supply will decrease to a fraction of the current, and environmental emissions from the energy production will decline with Raisio's own bioenergy plant.